Finland’s Christmas food costs fall, but food waste is a problem

People in the south spend more on Christmas food, while those in the north and east of the country spend the least.

File picture of Christmas food / Credit: @lidlsuomi Instagram

How much do Finns spend each year on festive food? It might surprise you to find out the number is falling.

According to a new survey Finns estimate they will spend an average of €161 on Christmas food this year. And that’s down €14 from two years ago.

One-in-three Finns say they’ll spend less than €100; while only 10% say they’ll spend more than €300 on Christmas food shopping.

Finns over 50 years old spent the most, and those under 29 spend the least.

The most money is spent in Uusimaa in southern Finland, while shoppers in the north and east spend the least.

Christmas food waste problems

It’s probably no surprise that 40% of Finns say they enjoy the traditional foods like baked ham and turnip casserole for Christmas. But almost half say they’re willing to experiment on new dishes at the table this year.

But one major problem is food waste, one 20% of people admitting that they buy too much Christmas food, and at least part of it gets thrown into the trash after the holidays are over.

“Christmas fish, ham and cheese leftovers are perfect for a wide variety of oven dishes, such as pies, or as fillings for baked potatoes. It is always advisable to freeze any leftovers that you don’t immediately use” says Thomas Heinrichs, Commercial Director of Lidl.

The survey was carried out for Lidl by Kantar TNS, and asked more than 1000 Finns between 18 and 79 who celebrate Christmas.