Espoo Wolf Strike – Driver Reports Incident To Police

Dead wolf was found at the side of the Turku motorway, near Gumböle.

Picture of the dead wolf hit by a car in Espoo / Credit: Länsi-Uudenmaan Police

“Oh my Grandma, what big teeth you have!”

A driver in Espoo who hit a wolf with their car did report the incident police – despite earlier reports to the contrary.

The wolf was hit on Turunväylä road, and the body was found on Wednesday by the side of the motorway at Gumböle.

At first, police said the driver had left the scene without reporting the incident to authorities. But the driver saw the story and contacted police, who managed to find the report in their database. It had been initially overlooked by mistake.

The identity of the driver is known to police, who do not suspect any crime was committed.

The dead wolf has been sent to the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira for examination.