Espoo suspends sports test after pupil death

Student died last week after becoming ill during PE class.

File picture of Tiistilän School / Credit: Espoo City Council

Schools in Finland’s second largest city Espoo have suspended a fitness test after a pupil  died last week.

The boy had a medical emergency at Tiistilä school during gym class where a ‘Move’ test was being carried out.

Finland’s ‘Move‘ programme for schools was introduced several years ago as a way to promote more physical activity for pupils, while reducing periods of inactivity.

The student became ill during the class and an ambulance was called. The boy later died in hospital.

According to officials, the school had acted in accordance with guidelines about how to conduct the Move test. Waivers can be given if a student is ill or has a pre-existing medical condition.

Counseling support is being offered to pupils and staff at the school.