English Translations For Finland’s Supreme Court Decisions

Court's rulings could more easily be understood by EU partners, especially in areas of EU and human rights laws.

File photo of judge holding documents / Credit: iStock

Finland’s Supreme Court will start to publish key rulings in English, as well as Finnish or Swedish.

The new move means more transparency for the country’s highest court, and allows lawyers, judges and Supreme Courts from other European countries to better understand the workings of the Finnish court.

“The precedents that have something to do with the EU law for example human rights, should be translated to English to provide information for the other Supreme Courts all over the European Union” says Pia Sive, Supreme Court Spokesperson.

“If someone feels that the national process went wrong somehow in their own country, they can start another process in the European Court of Human Rights and they could use Finnish rulings maybe as a part of their own grounds when dealing with the court” explains Sive.

Legal experts have welcomed the new move, but question why it hasn’t happened sooner.

“It is a very welcomed initiative indeed because the Supreme Court’s decisions are of great importance, and the public must be offered easy access to these judgments” says Law Professor Jaakko Husa.

“Today’s Finland is more diverse than what it was ten to fifteen years ago. Accordingly, it is important to provide more information in English which is much more accessible than Finnish and Swedish” says Husa.

“However, it makes me ask why it took so long? This should have taken place a long time ago” he adds.

Finland’s Supreme Court consists of five judges, men and women. The court receives about 2500 cases submitted per year by lawyers, of which they take on approximately 100 to 150 cases.