End of summer cycling as ride share bikes head into storage

More than 3 million journeys were made during the 2018 cycle season!

File picture of city bike station during autumn / Credit: News Now Finland

The popular city cycle service in Helsinki and Espoo is coming to an end for the season, as the distinctive yellow bikes are collected up and taken to winter storage.

Since late spring, more than three million journeys were made by city bikes across the capital city region and on the busiest days each individual bike was used for up to 16 different journeys. In total more than three million journeys were made this year alone.

“The city bike has become part of the local identity. Traveling by city bike is convenient, and it is also good for your health and the environment” says Tarja Jääskeläinen from HSL.

“You can get around quickly on a city bike; it is easy to pick up and drop off spontaneously. The bike service is part of the public transport system, and the bikes are located close to where people live and work. The good weather we had this summer also encouraged people to cycle” says Jääskeläinen.

This year the service was extended from Helsinki proper, to parts of Espoo with 254 bike stations and 2550 bikes in total.

The next bike season begins on 1st April 2019, with new locations added in north and east Helsinki. Registration for next year’s bike season begins a few weeks in advance.