Easter weekend weather: Brace yourselves, here comes winter!

Friday and Saturday bring bright but cold weather - while some parts of the country can expect 30cm of new snow on Sunday and Monday.

Sunshine over the Baltic Sea coast in southern Finland, April 2020 / Credit: News Now Finland

The long Easter weekend holiday might have started out sunny in most parts of the country but it’s certainly not going to stay that way for long.

By the end of Monday many parts of Finland will be blanketed with snow – up to 30cm in some places.

“On Friday and Saturday things look nice. The mornings are clear and sunny, a bit cold maybe, and some freezing temperatures. But in the afternoons there’s going to be lovely cumulus clouds, and some will bring snow and sleet in Eastern Finland and northern parts of the country” explains Anniina Valtonen, Meteorologist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI.

Temperatures will get up to +8°C in the southern parts of the country, and +5°C elsewhere but hovering just above, or just below freezing in Lapland.

Then there are changes from Saturday into Sunday where overnight lows dip to -20°C in Lapland with clear skies and light winds.

“On Sunday comes the awful part of this weather forecast” says Valtonen.

“There will be a very strong low pressure system arriving from the west bringing strong gusting winds and it will rain in the southern parts of Finland and rain or sleet as far north as Jyväskylä” she says.

Further north, and into Lapland meteorologists are forecasting up to 15cm of snow on Sunday, and another 15cm on Monday.

“It’s the sticky wet snow so it will be accumulating on top of trees, and look like witches’ hats” says Valtonen, perfect imagery for Finnish Easter traditions!

On Monday the lower pressure system continues but the wind direction will change and snow is forecast in western areas as well, with the Helsinki metropolitan region also at risk for snow.

“Spring is taking a few steps backwards this weekend” says Anniina Valtonen.