Easter holiday weekend brings public transport changes

Check travel company websites before starting a journey because there are changes to trams, trains and buses this holiday weekend.

File picture of Helsinki tram / Credit: News Now Finland

The four day Easter weekend holiday inevitably brings some changes to the country’s public transport system.

Thursday is the busiest day for car travel, as people drive around the country to visit friends and family for the weekend. Authorities anticipated double the number of vehicles on the road compared with a normal Thursday, but don’t expect any particular congestion.

The peak traffic volume will start to slacken off on Thursday evening after 19:00, and return journeys are staggered over a couple of days on Sunday and Monday so roads will be less busy when travelers are making their way back home.

Rail and bus travel 

In the capital city region HSL will operate special timetables over the holiday weekend.

On Friday, a Sunday timetable is in operation for buses, trams and commuter trains. There are also specific changes to some local services so check the HSL website before starting your journey. Night buses will run a Saturday service.

On Saturday, services are mostly running as normal but with some specific adjustments on some routes.

On Sunday and Monday there’s a normal Sunday service in operation but again there are some changes to certain routes so it’s best to check the HSL website in advance.

Long distance rail timetables

If you didn’t already buy a ticket for Thursday travel, VR says they’re mostly all sold for long distance train journeys.

From Friday to Monday VR’s network is operating a Sunday service schedule.