Early start for capital region bike share scheme

The distinctive yellow bikes will be available next week, as a way to help fight the spread of coronavirus.

File picture of Espoo bike share scheme, summer 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

The mild winter means an early start to the capital region’s popular bike sharing scheme.

Season passes will go on sale this week, with the distinctive yellow bikes available to ride from Monday 23rd March – although not every station will be in use on the first day.

The early opening this year is not just due to the mild winter weather, but also to the coronavirus outbreak.

The City of Helsinki; HKL and the City of Espoo decided to bring forward the opening of the city bike season because the use of the bikes could provide one way to mitigate the spread of the disease.

This year there will be 242 bike stations in Helsinki, and another 109 stations in Espoo with a total of 3,500 bikes.

A separate bike share scheme operates in Vantaa and will start on 1st April. However, it is not compatible with the Helsinki-Espoo bike share scheme and users have to buy a separate season pass to use the 1000 Vanta bikes.

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