Dozens of cows killed in North Savo barn fire

Fire crews will stay at the farm throughout today, making sure the fire is completely out.

File photo of Etelä-Savo fire truck / Credit: Etelä-Savon pelastuslaitos Facebook

An overnight fire at a farm in Iisalmi has completely destroyed a large barn, and killed up to 80 cows inside.

Rescue crews got a call around 05:00 this morning and when they arrived on the scene the barn was already engulfed, and the barn roof had collapsed.

Firefighters managed to prevent the fire spreading to an adjacent barn which also contained animals.

There were around 100 cows in the main barn at the time of the fire, mostly dairy cows and calves, with officials saying only about 10 to 20 were rescued alive, and the rest were killed.

This morning an investigation has started to determine the cause of the incident. Crews will likely stay at the farm throughout the day and make sure the last of the fire has been extinguished.