Cyclists risk getting a ticket if they can’t be seen in the dark

Police launch new campaign to highlight the dangers of cycling without adequate lights at this time of year.

File picture of cyclist in the dark with lights / Credit: iStock

As winter approaches, police are warning of the dangers of cycling without lights – which could even result in cyclists getting a penalty fine.

The €40 fines can be given to cyclists who don’t have working lights on their bike in traffic in dark or dusk conditions, and police are stepping up monitoring of people who don’t light up at this time of year.

In Finland each year, an average of 27 cyclists are killed, and almost 800 are injured in road accidents, and police are issuing the new warning at a dangerous time of year as the number of daylight hours decreases.

“Cyclists can enhance his visibility in addition to the wheel’s lights and reflectors, by dressing in colorful cycling styles, attaching reflectors to the outfit, or dressing to be seen” says Inspector Heikki Kallio of Helsinki Police.

According to the law, bikes must have a white or light yellow front light in darkness, as well as front, rear and side reflectors. Instead of a fixed front light, it is also possible to use an equivalent light fitted to a cyclist, such as a headlamp. Red lights can only be used as a rear fog lamp.