Coronavirus latest: 1,313 confirmed cases, 11 deaths in Finland

The coronavirus pandemic has now spread to every region of Finland, as authorities restrict movement to and from Uusimaa region in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

File image of someone who is sick & taking medicine / Credit: iStock

The Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare says there’s been 1,313 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Finland, with 11 deaths so far.

That’s an increase of almost 100 cases from the day before, however the majority of people with symptoms of Covid-19 are not being tested – in Finland, authorities reserve testing for people in high risk groups like the elderly or those with underlying medical conditions, and front-line healthcare workers.

As the pandemic has progressed in Finland there’s an increasingly even split between men (51.9) and women (48.1%) who tested positive for it.

Every region of Finland has now got confirmed cases of the virus, with Uusimaa seeing the most number of infected patients – 50, per 100,000 population – and exceptional measures have been taken to lockdown Uusimaa and restrict movement into and out of the southern region, which is home to some 1.7 million people.

According to the latest figures from THL that were available, 11 people have died due to coronavirus: most of them in Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District.

THL says that while most of the Covid-19 cases in Finland have been mild so far, there are 134 patients who currently require hospital treatment, and 41 in intensive care.