Call of the wild: Border Guard camera snaps bear killing elk

The incredible picture was taken by a surveillance camera in the forest along the border with Russia in north east Finland.

Picture of brown bear killing an elk, eastern Finland border, July 2019 / Credit: Border Guard

A surveillance camera on the border with Russia has snapped a wild encounter between a brown bear and an elk.

The Border Guard image shows the bear attacking the elk and biting its neck.

(Finland’s largest deer species elk, is often called by its North American name moose.)

“The camera recognises movement, and then it takes a picture. We get a lot of animal pictures but this is a bit rare” says Saara Lappalainen from the Border Guard’s Kainuu District headquarters.

The picture was taken on Saturday deep in the forest in north east Finland.

“We know that the bear still has the body of the moose in the area and we try to respect that by avoiding the area” says Lappalainen.

“It’s also a safety question for our own personnel, because bears are known to be very aggressive” when they’re eating or guarding the food, she tells News Now Finland.

Brown bears spend the summer fattening themselves up in preparation for winter hibernation, and as omnivores they eat a wide range of food including berries and other fruit like apples; grasses and leaves; grubs and insects; and fish.

They will also eat smaller mammals and while they have been known to hunt large prey like elk, it’s not very common.

“We do occasionally find carcases, but I’ve never seen footage of a bear attacking a moose  before” says the Border Guard’s Saara Lappalainen.

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