Brits in Finland get Brexit deadline extension

A new Brexit date for Britain, means a new date for Brits in Finland to register to stay in the country.

Credit: Pixabay / Creative Commons License

Any British nationals who want to stay in Finland after Brexit – with the same rights as they enjoy now – have some extra time to register with authorities.

The previous deadline to register was 29th March, the original day that the UK was set to leave the European Union.

But late Thursday night the European Council gave Britain some extra time to decide when and how to leave the EU.

Now, senior officials at the Interior Ministry confirm to News Now Finland there is also a similar extension for British nationals living in Finland.

A recent law passed by parliament safeguard the rights of Brits in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

File picture of Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen / Credit: Lauri Heikkinen, Valtioneuvosto

Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen (NCP) first announced the new act back in Januarym saying at the time that the new law would “enable Brits to stay in Finland at least until the end of 2020” if they registered as EU citizens before Brexit.

On Thursday night the European Council gave Britain a new deadline of 22nd May for Brexit, but only if the British parliament approves the withdrawal agreement next week.

If that doesn’t happen, the Brexit departure date is brought forward to 12th April – the last possible day to stay in the EU without committing to holding European Parliament elections.

The wording of the new Finnish law says that anyone who wants to continue living and working in Finland must register or leave their registration application “before the exit” without specifying what that date might be.

“If there is an extension on the exit, the same goes for registration” says Titta Andersson-Bohren, Special Advisor to Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen (NCP).

So for now the deadlines to register in Finland as a British national are 12th April; then possibly 22nd May.

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