Bear and cub killed in train accident; another injured in car collision

Both accidents happened in eastern Finland.

File photo of Finnish brown bears / Credit: Visit Finland

Brown bears in east Finland have been involved in separate crashes with a train and a passenger car.

Two bears, a mother and her cub, died late Sunday night after being hit by a train near Lieksa.

The accident was only spotted some 81km away from the crash site at Joensuu train station, when fur and and blood was discovered on the front of the train.

Later the bodies of the mother and cub were found close to the original scene by officials.

Bear in car collision

Also on Sunday night, another bear was involved in a crash with a passenger car near Lappeenranta.

The crash happened around 23:30 when the emergency centre got a notification from a driver who reported hitting the full grown bear.

The animal ran away from the scene of the collision.

Today, staff from the Finnish Wildlife Agency SRVA went out to the area to see if they could determine the extent of any injuries to the bear but couldn’t find it.

According to SRVA staff, the bear can’t have been badly injured if it managed to escape into the forest.

The car had a damaged bumper.