Barbecue books: Libraries to offer grills on loan for summer

The new scheme begins in June the grills will be available at first in 17 library locations.

File picture of burgers on barbecue grill / Credit: iStockk

Finns are known for their love of libraries – and in the summer also known for their love of outdoor grilling.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that a number of libraries around the country are taking part in a new scheme to offer barbecue grills on loan – in addition to the usual books.

The grills are donated by Finnish food company Atria and come in a carrying case with some instructions and a wire brush to clean the grill afterwards.

“We were very happy when we had the opportunity to take a picnic grill in our loan selection. What could be a more comfortable way to spend a summer day than enjoying good reading and barbecue delicacies?” says Erna Marttila, Kallio Library Director.

The project begins in June and will initially involve 17 libraries in Helsinki, Joensuu, Kirkkonummi, Kerava, Keuruu, Nurmo, Peräseinäjoki and Ylistarö but could expand to other locations if there’s enough demand.

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