Bad weather hits train services around the country

VR is urging passengers to check timetables before the get to the station to due delays and cancellations.

File picture of VR train at Helsinki Central Railway Station / Credit: News Now Finland

Ongoing heavy snowfalls around the country are having an impact on travel schedules especially for train journeys.

VR says their long distance services are particularly hard hit. You can check the latest information at this link.

Trains from Pieksämäki, Vaasa, Oulu and Rovaniemi to Helsinki are delayed up to an hour due to weather conditions, reduced speed limits or technical reasons; while trains from Helsinki to Vaasa, Oulu, Rovaniemi and Kolari are also delayed.

The longest journey in the country, from Helsinki to the end of the line in Kemijärvi Lapland is running 2 hours 20 minutes late due to bad weather conditions.

Trains between Seinäjoki and Vaasa are replaced by buses due to a shortage of train equipment. There are busses from 09:38 right up through the 15:46 service at present.

Capital rail services canceled and delayed 

In the capital city region, VR is warning of delays and cancelations to local services.

“Challenging weather conditions have an impact, especially on track gear and electrical systems” says VR.

There’s reductions all day on A and K trains. Every other A train is canceled between 06:00 and 21:00. K trains are also running at 20 minute intervals.

All D trains are canceled on the Helsinki to Riihimäki route.

VR is urging all passengers to check train timetables before setting out on their journeys.