Artificial intelligence project helps immigrants settle, and start a business

Three chatbots representing different government agencies will work together to answer questions from new arrivals hoping to launch their own companies.

File picture with graphic representation of a chatbot / Credit: iStock

Several branches of Finnish bureaucracy have banded together under one technological umbrella to make it easier for immigrants to start a business in Finland.

The Patents and Registry office PRH, Tax Administration VERO and the Immigration Service have launched an artificial intelligence chatbot service that lets people interact with virtual assistants from each department.

It’s the first time government agencies in Finland have cooperated like this and initially, the chatbots will communicate in English, and the new service can be test at the ‘Starting up smoothly‘ website.

“Having a shared service channel will enhance the guidance offered to foreigners who want to start a business in Finland” says Kirsi Lahtinen, from PRH.

“We are creating opportunities for a more extensive enhancement of customer service with the help of artificial intelligence” she adds.

An example of the Kamu chatbot from Migri / Credit: Migri

The three chatbots are called Kamu (immigration), VeroBot (tax) and PatRek (PRH) and they can communicate with each other depending on the question. So if a user asks Kamu a question that should go to one of the other bots, that question will be forwarded on to the right place.

“Our aim is to be as proactive and real-time working as possible. To form a significant competitive advantage, the VeroBot must firs team up with its best bals, Kamu and PatRek” says Miika Wires from the Finnish Tax Administration.