Anaconda ‘missing’ at Tampere amusement park

Keepers say yellow anacondas are much smaller than the infamous giant green anacondas - and in any case, the missing snake is only a baby!

File picture of young yellow anaconda / Credit: iStock

Staff at Särkänniemi Amusement Park in Tampere are on the lookout for a possible escaped snake.

Two yellow anacondas were moved to a new habitat on Monday but one of them hasn’t been seen since Wednesday.

Keepers have started to dismantle their terrarium in case the snake is hiding inside but concede there’s a “theoretical” chance it escaped.

“There are two types of anacondas. The green anacondas, they are huge, and they are the ones you see starring in scary films” explains Tiia Ojansivu, Manager of Operations at Särkänniemi.

“These yellow ones are much much smaller than the green ones, and ours are just babies. They are not so thick, just about one finger or two fingers thick and only about one metre long” she tells News Now Finland.

“Those ones we have are male, and even the yellow anacondas as adults are only about two metres long. They are not so big and not so evil as their green cousins” she explains.