Almost 15,000 older people are missing out on basic state pension

The basic state pension is worth a minimum of €784.52 per month.

File picture of elderly couple / Credit: iStock

Almost 15,000 older people in Finland are missing out on the basic state pension which they’re entitled to receive.

New figures released by Kela show that 14,957 people on lower incomes should be getting the guaranteed pension minimum of €784.52 per month – rising to a maximum of €777.84 per month if they’re resident in Finland and have no other pension income.

Kela now says it will go through its register to investigate those people who should be receiving the basic pension, but aren’t, and contact them directly. Or anyone who thinks they should be getting the basic pension can fill in a form online, or call Kela to make a phone application.

The basic pension payment can be backdated for six months.