67 staff and patients infected, 12 coronavirus deaths at Helsinki hospital

The outbreak spread through four wards since it was first detected at the end of April.

File picture of Suursuo Hospital, Helsinki / Credit: Virpi Velin

A coronavirus cluster at Helsinki’s Suursuo Hospital infected 67 patients and staff in four wards, and left 12 patients dead since the end of April.

The first infections were detected in a convalescent ward at the north Helsinki hospital, and measures were taken to contain the outbreak including putting a stop to new admissions; isolating infected staff and patients; and testing the other staff and patients on wards where the virus occurred.

“We do everything we can to protect patients and employees from infections” says Chief Medical Officers Laura Pikkarainen.

“Visits have been banned since March. In the case of hospice patients this has understandably been deviated from and short visits by relatives in protective equipment are allowed” she adds.

Employees at the hospital wear protective equipment too in all situations when they’re dealing with patients. They also use masks which cover their nose and mouth when interacting with each other.

Suursuo Hospital has eight wards in total, and 200 beds, and offers services for geriatric patients as well as end-of-life care for people with terminal illnesses.