5×5 – our top video and text stories from the last 12 months

Politics, weather, the environment, culture and our original investigations are among the most popular stories on the website during 2018.

Composite picture of some photos used in 2018 stories / Credit: News Now Finland

The last 12 months have been busy for journalists in Finland – from covering the presidential election, a wave of protest strikes, record hot summer weather and the Helsinki Summit of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump; to politics, art, environment and the economy – and more!

So which of the News Now Finland stories caught our readers’ attention during 2018? It’s range of hard news journalism like our investigation into Finnish-made Patria vehicles deployed in the Yemen and our Brexit coverage too; plus stories about the environment as well as weather news and our in-depth political reporting.

So here’s a list of our top 5 text and top 5 video stories from the last year, just in case there was something you might have missed.


  1. Finland’s coldest day of winter!
  2. Investigation: Finnish-made Patrias, some with Russian heavy weapons, deployed in Yemen battle zone
  3. Finnish citizenship rush for Brexit Brits
  4. Interior Minister: No guarantees for Brits in Finland if Brexit deal fails
  5. Debris sea: tackling Finland’s plastic waste problem


  1. Helsinki Nazi rally & 612 nationalist parade
  2. Helsinki’s Putin-Trump protest
  3. Laura Huhtasaari interview
  4. Finland’s first vegan bruger restaurant chain opens
  5. Helsinki Urban Art


And in case you wanted to read some more, here’s the next 5 top text stories from our website during 2018 – there’s even more variety in this list including stories about politics, far right extremists, life and death in a detention centre and how to tackle Finland’s food poverty problems:

6. Rake America Great Aga – is Donald Trump right about Finland’s forests?
7. New political movement wants your ideas
8. The foreign influence behind Finland’s far right ‘Awakening’
9. Death in detention: suicide reveals mental health strain of deportation wait
10. Tackling poverty and waste, new Helsinki supermarket offers surplus food at discount prices