Turku to Stockholm Ferry Rape Suspect Held

Both the suspected attacker and the alleged victim are Finnish nationals, say police.

File photo of Baltic Princess docked in Turku / Credit: Wikicommons Media

A Finnish man is in custody in Sweden today, suspected of raping a Finnish woman on the overnight ferry from Turku to Stockholm.

“I can confirm that it was on Baltic Princess from Turku to Stockholm and the suspect was given by stockholm police this morning” Tallink Silja Oy Communications Director Marika Nöjd tells News Now Finland.

The man was apparently detained by the crew on board the Baltic Princess until it docked at Värtahamnen Harbour, and they had been in touch with police since early in the morning.

Stockholm Police picked the suspect up at the dock, and the alleged victim was taken to hospital for examinations.

The Baltic Princess has a regularly scheduled departure from Turku on Friday evenings at 20:15, with arrival in Stockholm at 06:15 local time on Saturday mornings.