Turku knife attack hero in court over compensation fraud 

Prosecutors say Hassan Zubier, who sustained life-altering injuries when he rushed to try and save a stabbing victim, presented false documents when he claimed compensation.

Turku terror attack survivor Hassan Zubier attends an anti-Nazi rally in the city on Saturday 18th August 2018 / Credit: Eemeli Sarka, News Now Finland

A British man hailed as a hero during the Turku terror attack was in court Tuesday facing charges of fraud.

Hassan Zubier, who lives in Sweden, was left in a wheelchair with spinal chord injuries after he rushed to the aid of a stabbing victim in Turku Market Square on 18th August 2017, and was them himself injured in the stabbing rampage by convicted terrorist Abderrahman Bouanane.

Zubier had previously admitted to prosecutors that he tried to defraud the state of Finland over financial compensation claims by submitting forged earnings documents from an ambulance company in Sweden – and was awarded €1,000 per month until age 65 by Finnish authorities, based on the forged paperwork. Prosecutors have recommended a suspended sentence.

However he also faces charges of illegal fundraising over a GoFundMe account which collected tens of thousands of euros, but for which he hadn’t obtained the necessary permits.

Zubier was given bravery honours by Finland and Britain in recognition of his selfless act during the Turku attack.