Trial begins in Somero conscript homicide case

The conscript was reported missing when she didn't return to barracks in summer 2019, and the prosecutor says her ex-boyfriend killed her, and tried to take money from her accounts.

File picture of Milla Aronen / Credit: NBI

The trial gets underway at Turku District Court today in the case of a man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend.

Military conscript Milla Aronen, 21, was last seen in June 2019 in Somero, southwest Finland, and was reported missing when she didn’t return to her military duties at Säkylä garrison after weekend leave.

Following extensive appeals for information, police detained Aronen’s former boyfriend at the end of August and say they believe he killed her then tried to access her bank accounts and take out a loan using her personal details.

Prosecutors say the suspect went for a drive with Milla Aronen in her car on the night of 8th June, and then killed her. The prosecution will set out its case that the boyfriend was in financial difficulties, and that he first tried to take money from her account unsuccessfully, then got a payday loan in her name.

The accused man admits that he punched Aronen in the face during an argument about their relationship, which caused her death. He denies that he intentionally killed her.

Despite searching in water, and remote areas near Kiikala Airport between Lohja and Salo, Milla Aronen’s body has not been found.