‘Terror Alert’ For Americans In Finland

SUPO says despite the American Embassy 'terror warning', they have no information about threats in Finland.

View of the old part of the US Embassy Helsinki / Credit: US State Department

The American Embassy is warning its citizens to be vigilant in Finland, saying the US government “remains concerned that terrorists are intent on targeting US citizens,  including children”.

The warning was posted on the embassy’s website on Friday. A similar warning about security for Americans in Sweden was also posted on the American Embassy Stockholm website.

There’s no terror warnings for Americans in Estonia, Norway or Denmark this weekend, however the embassy in Copenhagen did post a more general security warning for citizens there during April.

The latest Finland warning says that terrorists “may employ a variety of tactics such as violent assaults and kidnappings”.

It advises citizens that attackers have used knives guns and vehicles “as ramming devices” and that “they may target schools, hospitals, churches, tourist locations, transportation hubs, and other public venues”.

The embassy advises people to stay alert in public places, keep a low profile, and report social media threats to authorities.

Helsingin Sanomat newspaper contacted the Finnish Security Police SUPO who said they have not received any operational information about specific threats in Finland.