Tampere police investigate weekend homicide

The incident happened on Saturday morning but police are only now sharing details of what happened.

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

Police in Tampere say they’re investigating a homicide, attempted homicide and aggravated assault following an incident in the city’s Haapalinna neighbourhood.

It happened on Saturday morning, but authorities are only now releasing information about it on Monday.

Police say a man born in 1979 was killed, and another man born in 1977 was seriously injured in the incident.

The suspects are two women, not from the local area, born in 2003 and 1984 who are related to each other, and who were guests in the victim’s apartment.

In a tersely-worded statement police say they were interviewing the people involved over the weekend and that “securing a pre-trial investigation in the case of a homicide is of paramount important.”

They criticise some sections of the media over their reporting of the incident this weekend. Police say they won’t give out any more information about the case.