Singer Jari Sillanpää guilty of having child abuse images on his phone

Helsinki District court cleared him of more serious charges but levied a hefty fine against the entertainer.

File picture of Finnish singer Jari Sillanpää / Credit: @jarisillanpaa Instagram

One of Finland’s best known entertainers Jari Sillanpää has been found guilty by a court of having child abuse images on the phone, and sharing them.

However, he was not found guilty of a more serious crime of child abuse.

At Helsinki District Court on Monday Sillanpää was given a 45-day fine which amounts to almost €16,000.

During the trial, which began in February, the court heard details about a sex act between Sillanpää and another adult that the child, aged under-13, was told to take pictures of.

Police also found a video on Sillanpää’s phone of the child being raped by an adult male, but not by Sillanpää.

The incident took place in August 2017 and the singer denied taking the photographs, or knowing the video was on his phone.

The court found that all the pictures had been taken within a short time frame, and it could not be found that Sillanpää had direct knowledge that the child was taking photographs.

Who is Jari Sillanpää?

Jari Sillanpää shot to fame more than 20 years when his album became the biggest ever Finnish debut, selling more than 270,000 copies. He has so far released more than a dozen albums.

However in recent years he has been involved in a string of scandals and legal troubles.

In January 2018 he was convicted of alcohol, drugs and traffic offenses, after being caught under the influence of methamphetamines in Helsinki a few months previously.

Sillanpää admitted in court that he committed the crimes, and was fined €24,000.

In March 2018 he was detained at Helsinki Airport suspected of drugs offenses.