Second Porvoo policeman released from hospital

One officer was treated and released the day after the shooting, but the older of the two was kept in hospital for a week receiving treatment for his injuries.

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

A police officer in East Uusimaa has been released from hospital today, after being treated for injuries received in a shooting attack a week ago.

Two officers were wounded in Porvoo in the early hours of Sunday morning 25th August, after responding to a routine alarm call and being shot at.

While the younger of the two officers was treated and released the following day, the older officer was said to be in a more serious – but stable, and not life threatening – condition.

“Good news! Our other wounded police officer from the Porvoo shooting incident has been released from hospital. Both of our policemen are doing well under the circumstances, and they are now focusing on their rehabilitation” writes East Uusimaa Police on Twitter.

Both officers have chosen not to make their names or other details about their injuries public at this time.

Two brothers have been remanded in custody in connection with the shooting incident.

Twenty-five year old Raymond Granholm has Swedish nationality while his 30-year old brother Richard Granholm has dual Finnish and Swedish citizenship. They will be kept in prison while the pre-trial investigation is carried out. This process could take several months.

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