Reckless driver gets a ticket for almost €12,000

The fines are based on the annual income of the person ordered to pay.

File picture of a tram stop in Boulevardi, Helsinki / Credit: Google Maps

A driver in Helsinki has been ordered to pay a fine of almost €12,000 on charges of dangerous driving in the capital city.

The Helsinki District Court ruled that Peter Fagernäs, vice chairman of the Kesko retail group, should pay twenty day-fines; and based on his 2017 salary of €610,000 he will have to pay €11,880.

The court heard how Fagernäs had been parked on Boulevardi in Helsinki, and when he tried to enter the flow of traffic again, he mounted the pavement at a tram stop in what witnesses described as a large off-road vehicle, at great speed. People waiting at the tram had to move out of the way of the oncoming car.

According to the judgment, the incident fulfills the criteria for endangering road safety although Fagernäs denies the seriousness of the offense and can still lodge an appeal against the conviction.