Police suspect arson in Lapland fire

One person and a dog were in the cabin at the time the fire was started, but they escaped unharmed.

Map showing Kilpisjärvi area and the lake where the cabin burned down / Credit: Google Maps

Police in Lapland are investigating a possible arson in the north west village of Kilpisjärvi.

It happened overnight between Thursday and Friday at a property on the shores of Lake Tshahkajärvi, just off the main Highway 8 road.

Police say several wooden buildings including a main cabin and a separate sauna were completely destroyed in the blaze, and police are appealing for anyone who say people moving in the area on Thursday night to come forward.

“Due to the details of the incident, there is reason to suspect that the buildings were intentionally set on fire, and a criminal report has been made” Lapland Police said in a statement.

The burned buildings were used for leisure purposes, with the fire thought to have started in the sauna and then quickly spread to the adjacent house.

When the fire started there was one person and a dog in the cabin and both escaped unharmed. Police say a lack of road leading to the property may have delayed the arrival of firefighters to tackle the blaze.