Police shooting suspects remanded in custody

The two brothers are being questioned about their involvement in Porvoo shooting incident.

Shooting suspect Raymond Granholm appears in Vantaa court, 29th August 2019 / Credit: Päivi Tuovinen, Etelä-Suomen Media

Two brothers suspected of shooting police officers in Porvoo last weekend made their first court appearance on Thursday afternoon.

The pair appeared at East Uusimaa District Court in Vantaa where they were remanded into custody as the pre-trial investigation continues.

The younger brother was the first to appear in the court, 25-year old Raymond Granholm.

He has Swedish nationality and tried to hide his face behind a folder to stop journalists taking pictures.

The older brother appeared second in court. Richard Granholm aged 30, also tried to shield his face from reporters. He has dual Finnish and Swedish nationality.

Why are they being investigated?

The brothers are being investigated for their role in the ambush and shooting of two police officers in Porvoo in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Much is still unknown about the circumstances of the incident, but police have said their colleagues were answering a routine alarm call in a light industrial area of the south coast town when they came under fire.

One officer was released on Monday but the other is still in hospital with more severe – but not life threatening – injuries.

The Granholm brothers were caught around 20:30 on Sunday evening north of Tampere where they were apprehended in their vehicle after a chase. They again shot at officers as they tried to make their getaway.

The preliminary investigation could take several months to complete, and police have indicated the men could face attempted murder charges.

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