Police say beware of coronavirus scammers

Officers say they've already heard of criminals tricking their way into the homes of elderly people and robbing them, using coronavirus as an excuse to gain entry.

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

Police are warning people – especially the elderly – to beware of scammers who are trying to take advantage of the coronavirus crisis and exploit people’s fears during this time.

The warning applies to the whole country but particularly in Uusimaa where there’s travel restrictions in place.

Officers say they’ve already had a number of different scams reported to them including pole carrying out “coronavirus inspections” and charging for them; offering to provide food delivery services and pretending to be health officials.

Police say they know of at least three incidents in Uusimaa where criminals offered to fit bogus coronavirus filters into the homes of elderly people and instead stole cash, watches and jewelry.

“We now urge citizens to be vigilant and to act with healthy suspicion if people appear at their door who offer help or expertise in coronavirus matters” says Simo Kauppinen from Eastern Uusimaa Police.

“We want to emphasize from that police officers do not offer any services related to home inspections or do any coronavirus inspections door-to-door” he adds.

Coronavirus-related computer crimes

Police are also warning about coronavirus-related online scams, about the sale of non-existent products which people might need due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Officers say such sites might also spread malware, and that it’s important to check government authorities and trusted media websites if you’re looking for coronavirus news.