Police release picture of Vuosaari homicide suspect

The shooting happened on 30th September in the east Helsinki neighbourhood of Vuosaari.

File picture of Aarni Ahjolinna, wanted in connection with a homicide in Vuosaari / Credit: Helsinki Police

Police in Helsinki have released a picture of the man they want to question in connection with a shooting death in the city.

Aarni Oskari Elias Ahjolinna is wanted over the shooting death of a man in Vuosaari on 30th September.

Police don’t routinely release pictures of wanted suspects, but when they do, they say it’s because without the information in the public domain it might be too difficult to capture the person.

The Vuosaari shooting happened around 17:00 and police are urging anyone with knowledge of Ahjolinna’s movements after then, or his whereabouts now, to contact them directly.

The Helsinki Police have a WhatsApp tip line: 050 342 2133.