Police make plea to possible victims in sex crimes case

Police say the man known as 'Eno' promised underage girls alcohol and drugs to get them into his home where the abuse happened.

Detail from police photograph of 'Eno' suspect / Credit: Helsinki Police

Helsinki Police have arrested a man in connection with a string of sex offenses against underage girls, and now they’re appealing to any more possible victims to come forward.

Officials say at least twelve young girls have been victims of crimes including aggravated rape and aggravated sexual abuse.

The man, born in 1950, was arrested in the Laajsalo neighbourhood of Helsinki, and investigators suspect him of committing child sex offenses over the course of several years starting in 2006.

Police photo of crime suspect ‘Eno’ / Credit: Helsinki Police

Police have taken the unusual step of releasing a picture of the suspect, in the hope that other young people who might have been in contact with him or victims themselves will come forward.

“We are aware of at least one [victim] whose identity we have not yet discovered. It may be that some of the victims did not even know about being sexually abused as several pf them were given alcohol or other substances by the suspect and were unconscious at the time of the abuse” says Detective Chief Inspector Saara Asmundela from Helsinki Police.

During the preliminary investigation police discovered that the man – called ‘Eno’ by young people – had offered them alcohol and drugs to get them to spend time in his apartment.

“We ask that anyone who suspects they have been the victim of a crime, or who may know something that is helpful in solving this matter should contact us. This is a serious criminal offense, in which the details of the victims and witnesses play an important role” says Asmundela.

Police picture of ‘Eno’ crime suspect / Credit: Helsinki Police