Police launch 24-hour speeding crackdown

The extra attention to speeders began at 06:00 on Wednesday morning with a focus on areas where there are school children.

File picture of Helsinki Police speed patrol on 3rd April 2019 / Credit. Helsinki Police Twitter

Police forces across the country have launched a 24-hour crackdown on speeding drivers.

The enforcement began at 06:00 on Wednesday morning and police say they’ll be using all methods at their disposal to enforce speed limits, including use of cameras, automatic surveillance and police patrols.

Officers are paying particular attention to areas near schools, especially during morning commute.

“The speed of commuter drivers increases when they are rushing to work, and perhaps there is not much speed monitoring at that time” says Heikki Ihalainen from the National Police Board.

Ihalainen says their morning patrols will focus on speed limits where school children are on the move.