Police investigate Lahti city cyber attack

The attack took place on Monday afternoon and started with malicious software on a city employee's computer, the National Bureau of Investigations says.

Cyber security composite picture / Credit: Pixabay

The National Bureau of Investigations NBI has launched an investigation into a cyber attack which hit the City of Lahti’s computer systems.

The City itself made a request for a formal investigation after the computer breach was detected.

The attack began on Monday afternoon through suspected malicious software installed on the computer of a city employee, although anti-virus software helped to isolate infected computers before it spread too far.

Fortunately, the malware did not spread to social and health care systems as the connection between the City of Lahti and the Päijät-Häme welfare group was cut off as soon as the cyber attack was detected.

Specialist researchers from the National Bureau of Investigation are currently in Lahti to find out the full extent of the cyber attack on the city’s IT systems and won’t say if they have any suspicions about where the attack might have originated from.