Police investigate €14 million fraud case

Officers say the scale of the fraud is "exceptional" in Finnish terms, as one person is held in jail.

File picture of police van / Credit: News Now Finland

The National Bureau of Investigation NBI is looking into a large-scale fraud case at a Finnish company.

Officers believe employees ripped off the company for €14 million in a scam that involved payments to foreign bank accounts.

Police were first tipped off to the case at the end of 2018 after an internal report found some questionable issues with accounting at the company.

A pre-trial investigation brought a search and an arrest, with one long-serving staff member from the company now in prison. Police say they suspect non-Finnish citizens are involved as well, but they haven’t yet been able to track them all down.

Investigators say they believe the fraud happened when fake invoices were generated for various project, and paid into foreign bank accounts. They believe the activity was highly organised and had been going on for a long time.

“The economic benefits of the suspected crime, and the financial damage caused to the claimant are exceptional in Finland” says police investigator Janne Järvinen.

The case is expected to come to court later this autumn.