Police in Vaasa shoot a man armed with scissors

Senior officers say their work is "not risk-free" but that they rarely have to resort to using their firearms.

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

Police in Vaasa have shot a man they say was acting in a threatening way with a pair of scissors.

Officers were called to the city’s Suvilahti neighbourhood late on Sunday night to answer reports of an individual acting aggressively.

As police approached the man, he threatened them with scissors and although officers tried other methods to subdue him that didn’t involve a firearm, in the end one officer had to use their weapon.

The suspect was shot in the foot, and he was taken to hospital for treatment.

The incident is now under investigation with the man facing charges of attempted murder.

Writing on Twitter, Superintendent Jussi Huhtela from East Uusimaa Police says that officers in Finland “rarely resort to the use of a weapon”.

“However, our work is not risk-free and often decisions on the use of force must be made within a short time” he says.

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