Police drink drive crackdown already catches offenders

Officers say they plan to carry out tens of thousands of stops to look for drivers who are over the limit.

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

A nation wide police effort to crack down on drink drivers is already paying off.

The campaign started on Thursday and continues through until Sunday.

According to Inspector Heikki Ihalainen tens of thousands of vehicles will be stopped and their drivers asked to take a breath test, and it’s already yielding results.

Police forces around the country report drink driving and aggravated drink driving offences in Kajaani, Oulu and Varkaus where one man was caught with a 1.74mg alcohol level. In south west Finland a driver born in 1955 crashed through a barrier and was found with 1.67mg alcohol levels.

Police in Kokemäki caught one driver while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, he also had a passenger in the car.

Last year, 30 people were killed and almost 500 injured in road traffic accidents where alcohol was a factor. More than a third of those people were aged 15-24.

“The risk of getting caught this weekend is higher than usual” says Inspector Ihalainen.