Police detain two people in Oodi stabbing case

Police described the initial encounter between the lawyer and the male and female suspects as "an interpersonal meeting."

Interior view, 3rd floor of Oodi Central Library from mezzanine / Credit: News Now Finland

Helsinki Police say they’ve detained two people after a violent attempted robbery at Oodi Central Library on Sunday.

The pair, a man and a woman, turned themselves in to police on Tuesday after learning  they were wanted in connection with the knife attack in one of the library toilets.

The victim, a lawyer, was taken to hospital for treatment but his injuries were not severe.

Police initially described the encounter between the lawyer and the suspects as “an interpersonal meeting.”

“The case is being investigated, among other things, as attempted homicide. However, as the investigation progresses the offenses might become more specific” says¬†Riku Korpela from Helsinki Police.

Tommi Laitio, the Executive Director for Libraries at the City of Helsinki says that staff at Oodi and the security guards worked well together during the incident.

“3.7 million visitors and [Sunday] was the first violence” Laitio writes on Twitter.

“It is safe to visit Oodi” he adds.