Police call for witnesses after Lapland car bomb

The explosive device was planted underneath the vehicle and detonated in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Map showing Tornio / Credit: Google Maps

Police in Lapland are asking for potential witnesses to come forward after a device exploded underneath a rental car used by the Finnish Border Guard.

The incident happened shortly before 01:00 in the early hours of Tuesday morning in the Pudas neighbourhood of Tornio – a town on the border with Sweden.

Police want to trace the driver of a small red car seen on Aarnintie; a moped rider also seen on Aarnintie; three men walking from Aarnintie to Thurevikinkatu; and two other men wearing white and black hoodies seen on Länsipohjankatu heading towards Miukki, and are asking them to come forward with any information they might have.

In a press release, Lapland Police say the explosive device was placed under the vehicle, but there was no information about whether anyone was injured in the blast.