Police arrest two suspects after string of robberies, including MP’s home

Ruut Sjöblom's home was one of a number of properties burgled around the capital city region over a week-long period.

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

Police have arrested two Lithuanian men who are suspected of breaking into MP Ruut Sjöblom‘s (NCP) home in Tuusula earlier in January.

Officers believe the men were responsible for a string of burglaries between 10th and 16th December in Kerava, Espoo, Tuusula, Järvenpää, Orimattila and Lohja.

Sjöblom’s Tuusula home was broken into on Saturday 11th January, and she says the burglars first cut off the power to the house, then entered through the window in her 11-year old daughter’s bedroom.

“It’s fortunate that we weren’t home” the Member of Parliament told Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, adding that not much was stolen – only some jewelry, champagne and business cards.

The two suspects were detained by police last Thursday in a Helsinki hotel room, along with “a large amount of property stolen from the burgled homes” according to police.

The Lithuanians were then arraigned on Sunday at the Eastern Uusimaa District Court on charges of aggravated theft.