Police appeal for owners in robbery treasure trove

File picture of stolen sunglasses / Credit: Eastern Finland Police

Police in Eastern Finland are appealing for people who had their homes burgled by a crime gang last year to come and identify their stolen property.

Officers have unveiled a treasure trove of stolen items which were taken from private homes in the east of the country between 20th July and 16th November 2019.

Authorities have been continuing their pre-trial investigation and carried out searches in Lithuania. Suspects have been arrested and held in custody in connection with the robberies.

Police have seized items such as watches, sunglasses, rings and other jewelry, silver cutlery, collectable coins, and electronics including phones and laptops – but they haven’t been able to match up all the stolen items with their owners.

Anyone who was a victim of a burglary last summer and autumn in the east of the country is being encouraged to come forward with a description of the item and some information about where and when it was stolen – and also whether it was reported stolen to police at the time.

Contact vihjeet.ita-suomi@poliisi.fi or call 029 541 5232.

File picture of stolen silver spoons / Credit: Eastern Finland Police