Oulu sex abuse suspect will take “two to four weeks” to arrive from Germany

Suspect arrested by German police on Wednesday night for the second time.

Picture of suspect wanted in connection with child sex abuse allegations / Credit: Oulu Police

A suspect wanted by Finnish police in connection with a string of sex abuse allegations in Oulu could take several weeks to arrive back in Finland.

The wanted man was arrested in Germany last month only to be released again after a communication mix-up with German police.

He was arrested again on Wednesday night around 21:00 in Saarbrücken.

“We don’t have any details about the situation, or how he was caught by German police” says Detective Superintendent Markus Kiiskinen, the lead officer on the case at Oulu Police.

“It takes about two to four weeks to move him to Finland. Some time during January, and it depends how fast the process is going, because there is a certain process between Finnish and German police” Kiiskinen tells News Now Finland.

Oulu Police have been hunting for the man since early December, after he fled the country. They arrested seven other men in connection with an ongoing investigation into aggravated sexual exploitation, aggravated rape and mistreatment of a girl under 15 years old.

Officers detained the seven foreign-born men after allegations that three girls in total, aged between 10 and 15-years old, were sexually abused or raped over a period of several months between June and October in the northern city.

According to police, most of the men are aged between 20 and 30, with one being older than that. They come from four foreign countries, and while some are Finnish citizens, some have refugee status or in the process of getting their citizenship.