Oulu Police in 200km per hour car chase

Two men in the car were arrested after it crashed at a roundabout and flew 20 metres through the air.

File picture of police van / Credit: News Now Finland

Officers on Oulu chased suspects traveling at speeds up to 200km per hour overnight.

The incident started as police were escorting a special transport convoy on Pohjantie in the northern city.

The driver of one car attempted to drive around the special transport cordon and when police approached the vehicle he took off at high speeds.

The driver of the car lost control of his vehicle at the Hailuodontie roundabout and clipped a traffic divider.

Police say the car flew 20 metres in the air before landing and hitting another traffic divider.

The two occupants of the car fled the scene, police caught one of them nearby and the other was tracked down by a police dog around 10 minutes later.

Both men tested positive for amphetamines, and one of them was also over the legal alcohol limit at the time of the incident.

The two men are both from Oulu and aged under 30-years old. Neither was injured in the crash.