Oulu police hunt for 8th child sex abuse suspect

New picture released by authorities as they continue a search for another suspect in connection with sex attack allegations.

Picture of suspect wanted in connection with child sex abuse allegations / Credit: Oulu Police

Police in Oulu have released a picture of a man they want to question in connection with a series of sexual offenses against young girls.

Officers are looking for the man in connection with an ongoing investigation into aggravated sexual exploitation, aggravated rape and mistreatment of a girl under 15 years old.

Picture of suspect wanted in connection with child sex abuse allegations / Credit: Oulu Police

The wanted man is 25 years old, between 165cm and 170cm tall with brown eyes and dark hair, possibly a beard as well, and with glasses.

Anyone with information about the man’s whereabouts are urged to contact police by phone on 0295 416 194 or by email vihjeet.oulu@poliisi.fi.

Foreign born men held in sex crimes cases

Last week, officers detained seven foreign-born men in Oulu, after allegations that three girls aged between 10 and 15-years old were sexually abused or raped over a period of several months between June and October in the northern city.

According to police, most of the men are aged between 20 and 30, with one being older than that. They come from four foreign countries, and while some are Finnish citizens, some have refugee status or in the process of getting their citizenship.

Senior officers called for restraint and respect for the rule of law in the city; while politicians condemned the alleged attacks; and police warned parents to be alert for possible online grooming actions, saying parents should be more aware of who their children are talking to online.

In Oulu on Monday around a hundred people gathered outside city hall in a protest organised by the right wing The Finns political party.

Speakers, including council members, called on authorities to make the city safer for residents.