Oulu child sex abuser sentenced to three years, eight months in prison

Today's verdict was the first to be handed down after police made a number of arrests in December last year.

File photo of judge holding documents / Credit: iStock

A court in Oulu has handed down the first verdict after a string of child sex abuse allegations came to light in the northern city at the end of last year. 

Today, 44-year old Aseov Muso who is originally from Tajikistan, was found guilty of aggravated child sex abuse and aggravated rape.

Muso was sentenced to three years, eight months in prison for the crimes which took place in summer and autumn 2018. He had no prior criminal record and was also ordered to pay compensation totaling €11,000.

Oulu sex abuse allegations

In December 2018, police revealed they had arrested seven men in connection with allegations that three girls aged between 10 and 15-years old had been sexually abused or raped over a period of several months between June and October in the northern city.

At that time, senior officers called for composure and for people to respect the rule of law with regards to reacting to the case. Oulu police also issued a warning for parents to be alert for possible online grooming actions.

An eighth suspect in the initial cases fled to Germany, but was eventually caught and extradited back to Finland.