North Savo police investigate two stabbing incidents

The separate incidents happened overnight between Thursday and Friday.

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

Police in North Savo are investigating two overnight stabbing cases as attempted homicides – although officers don’t think the two incidents are linked.

In Kuopio a 50-year old man has been detained after the first stabbing at a private residence. Police say a party was taking place at the apartment in Kuopio’s Pirtti neighbourhood when the suspect stabbed a 43-year old man.

The victim was taken to hospital and although police say it’s not quite clear exactly what happened, the third person at the party called the emergency centre but he’s not suspected of any crime.

Everybody attending the party at the apartment was drunk, police say.

Suonenjoki stabbing 

The second stabbing took place in Suonenjoki outside the local hospital around 01:00 on Friday morning.

Police say a 37-year old man stabbed another man in the upper body, and that the victim and his attacker both knew each other.

The injured man was taken to Kuopio for medical treatment and the suspect was arrested by police on Jauholahdentie road.