New Statistics: Rising Crimes, More People Aged 50+ Suspected

New figures show a rise in the percentage of suspects aged 50+ in Finnish property crime cases.

File picture of someone's grandmother who might or might not be a criminal mastermind / Credit: iStock

Could your grandparents be criminal masterminds?

In Finland, the chances are more likely than you might think!

According to new data released by Statistics Finland, the proportion of people aged over 50 suspected of property offenses is on the rise.

Last year some 14.2% of suspects in property crime cases were 50+ years old. That’s up from 12.2% just a year earlier.

Researchers say the reason for the increase is at least partially explained by the growth in that age group: there’s simply more Finns over 50 than previously.

In total, 861,900 offenses were recorded in 2017 by police, customs and border guards across the whole country. That’s a 38,500 increase – up 4.7% – from the year before.

For property offenses particularly, the most likely suspects are aged 30 to 39. Meanwhile the proportion of young people aged 15 to 24 suspected of property offenses has fallen according to the latest statistics.