Missing conscript: police officially investigating the case as murder

Police say the suspect accessed Milla Aronen's bank account online, and tried to get a quick loan using her personal details.

File picture of Milla Aronen / Credit: NBI

The National Bureau of Investigation NBI says it’s now investigating the case of a missing Somero conscript as a murder, and pushed back the deadline to bring charges in the case to January 2020.

Milla Aronen, 21, from Somero was last seen in June, and was reported missing when she didn’t return to her military conscription duties after weekend leave.

A man born in 1995 has been in custody in connection with Aronen’s death since the end of August, and until now the pre-trial investigation had looked into her apparent homicide, but police say it seems like a case of pre-meditated murder now.

“Based on the information that emerged from the pre-trial investigation, we have come to the conclusion that the act involved systematic thought and consideration, and therefore the title of the crime changed from homicide to murder” says Jarkko Toivonen, the lead officer at the National Bureau of Investigation.

Police have revealed the suspect accessed Milla Aronen’s bank account online and tried to get a quick loan using her personal details.

Aronen was last seen on Saturday 8th June in Somero when a relative dropped her at home. She had been expected to return to her military service at Pori Brigade at the end of the weekend but never showed up.

Her family reported her missing a few days later.

Despite questioning the suspect, police say they’re still carrying out a technical investigation and appealing for anyone who knows the movements of a gray Volvo V70 with the registration CZN-808 in the centre of Somero on Sunday morning 9th June to get in touch with them directly.

File picture of gray Volvo in connection with Somero murder investigation / Credit: National Bureau of Investigation